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Smash Thy Enemy

This song is by Infernal and appears on the album Drowning in the Chalice of Sin (1993).

(Lyrics: Mauricio)

Watch over the enemy, let him not have any rest
Make thyself sure that his eyes are wide open
'Cause if he cannot dream, he cannot do his best
Exhaustion and tension his resistance is broken

Scare the enemy, show him now that his time has come
The bitter taste of fear crawling into his mouth
Teeth so compressed he bites his own tongue
Make him know that once he's in, he'll never come out

Smash thy enemy
Inflict the pain that he can take
Smash thy enemy
So that he'll not rise again

Hurt the enemy, make him wish he'd never been born
But since his birth was true he'll wish he was already dead
Shred his flesh slowly, until it's all ripped and torn
The pain will be so much, he'll not avoid going mad

Scorn, hurt, smash

Scorn the enemy laugh at the blood that runs from his sores
He'll beg for mercy when life slowly starts to leave his body
I do guess he'll be the first to say he wants war no more
But then it'11 be too late, he'll be already in the crematory

Smash thy enemy
Smash thy enemy

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