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Insurrection Day

This song is by Infernal and appears on the album Drowning in the Chalice of Sin (1993).

(Lyrics: Mauricio)

The tomb, lying among the trees
Suffocating atmosphere, no god there
Cold wind, blowing brown leaves
Holy ground, desecrated by the buried flesh

Recitation, of the spell
Has brought a force, of hell to life
Arrogant, and full of scorn
It seeks the ones, who locked it down

An ancient evil fed with blood which never saw the light of sun
Rising slowly through the ground that held it down for centuries
On its knees it chants to greet the shining of the full moon

"Mother, I've heard your call through the centuries
And my time to rise was delayed by the forces of light
But now a sacrifice has been offered, it gave me strength
And to inflict defeat upon the weak, I shall march"

Countless ages imprisoned in hatred
Now opening the gates to what comes before me
Breaking the spell that held me below
Demanding revenge, we shall rule again

I carry the sign of change and revolution
I'll show you neither weakness nor cowardice
Listen to the voice, of your savior
Through triumphant screams, I preach

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