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Cathedral Of Despair

This song is by Infernal and appears on the album Drowning in the Chalice of Sin (1993).

(Lyrics: Mauricio)

Chiming bells are calling you
Look up to the signs in the skies
Lightning will show you the way
Your fate is sealed, don't be late
For you are bound to pay your dues
Forever, into the cathedral of despair

Into the cathedral of despair

We've been expecting you for a long time
We're here since the day we were born
Now you're invited to stay with us
You will never rest in peace
There's no place for you to hide
You're in the cathedral of despair

You're gonna learn, to fear everyone the hardest way
Is something you'll be used to as soon as you can open your eyes

Sinner, join us in our eternal prayers
Drifter, enter this horrible dimension
Sinner, the preacher awaits you betrayer
Drifter, reach your final destination

You have no choice you gotta go on
No matter what you see or what you hear
Born in a world of disgrace
Prepare yourself to be enslaved
And thrown in the middle of a storm of hate
Die in the cathedral of despair

Enter this horrible dimension

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