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No Cover/2 Drink Minimum

This song is by Infectious Grooves and appears on the album Sarsippius' Ark (Limited Edition) (1993).


Mr. Sarsippius : Ignorance, Iggy, wake up. This is my guitar player Ignorance, Iggy for short. Wake up.

Iggy: Huh?

Mr. Sarsippius: What are you doing?

Iggy: Ah, I just getting some beauty sleep.

Mr. Sarsippius: Tell them about the next jam, stupid!

Iggy: I, huh, don't call me stupid. This next song is a cover song, you know, how you go to the holiday inn and you'll be seeing old-style, tough-footed bands, like "Jimmy D. and the Sprayer Connection" or "Cinnamon Lover" perhaps, singing love ballads for de Philadelphias outta today's Inn in Atlanta.
So what can I say, it's all about "The Immigrant Song"


Written by:

Robert Trujillo and Mike Muir

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