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No Budget/Dust Off the 8-track!

This song is by Infectious Grooves and appears on the album Sarsippius' Ark (Limited Edition) (1993).


Mr. Sarsippius:

"Raspberry, boysenberry, strawberry, that's my jam. The passion fruit of nature.
Now, these next two jams are old, straight out of back in the days of Zoozo. In fact, I'm gonna draw here my dusty 8-track copy.
You see, these songs are demo-tapes. And did I not mention I discovered these fellas myself? Wow. I remember my first demo, "Wings Of Love". But then I busted out with "Swampy Sticky Stinky Booty", and, of course, the infamous "Sex Nut".
Well, here we go. Get ready for a time warp."


Lyrics by:

Mike Muir and Robert Trujillo

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