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Guard : Hey. Hey, excuse me. Closed session
Sarsippius: What you mean closed session?
Guard : It's a closed session here. No one's allowed. Nobody
Sarsippius: What are you talking about?
Guard : You're... You're gonna have to leave
Sarsippius: I will... You know who I am?
Guard : No, I don't know who you are and you're gonna have to leave right now
Sarsippius: I am Aladin Sarsippius Sulemanagic Jackson the third
Guard : (laughs) I don't care what you did on who. You're gonna have to leave
Sarsippius: Listen man. Listen brother. I am the world-renowned reptilian lover
Guard : (laughs)
Sarsippius: What you laughing at brother?
Guard : I'm not laughing. I'm sorry. I don't know who you are. There's no authorization. You have to have a special...
Sarsippius: Let me tell you something. I sang for Aqueduct Pocket. I sang for Relaxed Atmosphere
Guard : I don't know who they are. I...
Sarsippius: I sang for Third World Lover.
Guard : This... This is the Infec...
Sarsippius: You heard of them?
Guard : No I haven't. This is the Infectious Grooves. It's a closed session.
Sarsippius: Have you all heard of my hit single "Whipped Cream"? (singing) Whipped Cream. Put it all over your body
Guard : (laughing) No...
Sarsippius: You ever heard of that?
Guard : (laughing) No I haven't...
Sarsippius: Where've you been brother?
Guard : I've been keeping people out of the studio
Sarsippius: Have you heard of the song "The love that you'll find is the love that you will never find because it's the love that is always not able to be found"?
Guard : I'm not looking for no love. I'm sorry. And you're dripping some green funk now on the carpet
Sarsippius: Listen man. Don't worry about my green funk
Guard : I'm gonna have... I'm gonna have to get some security happening here
Sarsippius: Don't get no security involved. I want...
Guard : I am the security
Sarssipius: I want to work with you, brother
Guard : I'm gonna have to make you leave
Sarsippius: This is some kind of game here
Guard : What are you doing here?
Sarsippius: This is some kind of game, brother. I came here to do backups
Guard : Backups for who?
Sarsippius: For this infectaphibian thing, man


Lyrics by:

Mike Muir

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