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A Legend in His Own Mind (Ladies Love 'sip)

This song is by Infectious Grooves and appears on the album Sarsippius' Ark (Limited Edition) (1993).


Mr. Sarsippius:

Spredik, spreck, spreck bic...

Ohoho, sorry, I was just listening to one of my new songs, entitled "Spreck".
You see, I'm trying to get ideas for songs. I'm currently involved in a new track called "All Cohesive Is Love" or "Taco-De-Kick".
Well, did I not mention, they are some live track, live tracks that I made very special appearances on.
This is my debut live at the Universal Amphitheater. With thousands of Philadelphias screaming and throwing their beautiful sexy bodies at me. Yes, there was love in the air.
In my honor, of course, because, I'm all about de ladies, and de ladies, dey are all about me.
In fact, I should recall of what my conscience entitled it:

LIVE, LOW with Sarsippius' "The Jelly Green Love Machine".

So here we go: LIIIVE!


Lyrics by:

Mike Muir and Robert Trujillo

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