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Stained With Blood Again

This song is by Imperious Malevolence and appears on the album HateCrowded (2002).

Waiting for the end of your days
My world on fire will never be yours
'Cause your promised land never was
And never will be this planet.

Understand, you can't even see
The serpent that drags on Earth
Cursed is this path,
Where our black blood runs

We deny your dogma
We burn your symbols, Christ
In a unholy gathering
Surrounded by sulphur and blasphemy

Come to me, Nazarene
Your scourge will repeat again

Just like the centurions
That used powerful whips against you
We crown you with our hate
Leading the rebellious to madness
Denouncing lies upon your kingdom
Guiding souls to the path of temptation

Seeding the fury and insanity
Through Death Metal Attack

The sun that sets again
At the end of this evening
Tomorrow no more will raise
'Cause once again nailed on the cross
You will see the Darkness Triumph!
Darkness Triumph!

(Lyrics Rafahell)

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