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Hell Hordes Attack

This song is by Imperious Malevolence and appears on the album HateCrowded (2002).

After years of complaisance in his dungeon
Here's revealed your sentence
Wretched and harsh
Though fair for a weak
Into darkness
Where the Malevolence dominates

Guilty for your own actions
Charged by your own shadow
Now you scourge
Nourishes with blood
Spirits of a Dark Era

See the Nefheim gateways
Being opened
Legions of witches and demons
Now attack - Taking revenge with fire
On the persecution -In the inquisition

Feel the grudge that's threw as anathema
Then heresy flows as chaos
Reaping lives - lewd dance
Desperated about Death

(Repeat 2nd verse)

Hell Hordes Attack!

(Lyrics Rafahell)

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