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This song is by Imperious Malevolence and appears on the album HateCrowded (2002).

In feelings of pain and desolation
And with bitterness in my mouth
I say these mournful words
'Cause I don't come here
As another one seer - I just see
The dead child gathering black
And radioactive flowers
In a black garden
And with the horizon so
Dark and without life

My future
Your future
Just me
Just you

Slowly - dying
For all the eternity of my existence
Burning - inside
In a black abyss, burn with me! Burn!

You had been damned
To the eternal solitude
Without witnesses
And this is your grief
Apocalyptic visions
Of the perpetual holocaust

But the situation turns upside down
Now you burn with my words
Forever and ever ...

(Lyrics Rafahell)

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