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Accursed Days

This song is by Imperious Malevolence and appears on the album HateCrowded (2002).

The black angel will fly
And leave until them
Ruins of sorrow
And a devastated land.

The sin is not our only crime
Just feel, you will suffer.
No mercy for the weaks
Just see, evil will prevail.

We are the supreme force
The immortal and invincible command
Made with brutal evil spirits
Playing the instruments of hell
And who lives in this desert?
It's us, Dead Soul's

Destroying everything
Killing everyone
Fucking everything and everyone!

We bring the shadows of war
We will reap your souls
Because if you wait the tempest comes
It will come to you and all after you
We have the salvation's key
We have the condemnation's hammer
Beware, your end is near

Kill, fuck and destroy [x4]

The virtual world around you
Gives only shit for your lives...

(Lyrics Antonio / Rafahell)

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