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Letter from Tina

This song is by Ike & Tina Turner and appears on the album The Soul Of Ike & Tina Turner (1961) and on the album The Collected Recordings - Sixties to Nineties (1994) by Tina Turner.

(You keep on) worrying me, and soon, I'll be gone...
(You keep on) worrying me, and you'll be left alone...
(I'm almost...) I'm almost crazy...

Dear My Man,

I know you'll probably think silly of me for what I'm about to say, but this... this has been on my mind for quite some time. First... first, I want you to help me to understand... understand the things you do that hurts me so. There should be no doubt whether or not I'll understand. Because... because, honey, I love you. And my love for you hides all faults. You see... see honey, at times I get the feeling that you don't care, and I believe I am just another woman in your life. Then again I feel that I'm... that I'm all in this world that matters to you. Is it in my mind? If you would... if you would just tell me, I would understand. Because... I am yours. You control every movement!

I worry so much I make myself sick...
Wonder why we can't get along?
I tried so hard, in many, many ways...

Second... the second is trust. I trust you heartily, in anything you say or do. You know you can lie to me, and really, really, I don't want to know the truth! Nobody can make me believe different. All I ask... is an... is an understanding, and sometimes... sometimes if you would just tell me that you love me... and that... and that you are mine. Because I am yours! Heart, body, and soul, I'm yours! And I'm with you, for you, in anything you do or say.

Yours, lifetime,


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