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We Are Always Searching (2005)

I Am Ghost - We Are Always Searching

We Are Always Searching

  1. The Dead Girl Epilogue: Part One
  2. Pretty People Never Lie - Vampires Really Never Die
  3. We Are Always Searching
  4. Eulogies And Epitaphs
  5. The Most Beautiful Nightmare: Part Two
  6. Kiss Me Like You Wanted - We Will Never Tell
  7. Lady Madeline In Her Coffin
  8. Civil War And Isolation Thirst
  9. The Last Goodbye Of Smile And Bone

Lovers' Requiem (2006)

I Am Ghost - Lovers' Requiem

Lovers' Requiem

  1. Crossing The River Styx
  2. Our Friend Lazarus Sleeps
  3. Killer Likes Candy
  4. Dark Carnival Of The Immaculate
  5. Pretty People Never Lie, Vampires Never Really Die
  6. Of Masques And Martyrs
  7. Lovers' Requiem
  8. The Ship Of Pills And Needed Things
  9. The Denouement
  10. This Is Home
  11. Beyond The Hourglass
  12. The Malediction

Those We Leave Behind (2008)

I Am Ghost - Those We Leave Behind

Those We Leave Behind

  1. Intro: We Dance With Monsters
  2. Don't Wake Up
  3. Those We Leave Behind
  4. Buried Way Too Shallow
  5. Bone Garden
  6. Saddest Story Never Told
  7. Smile Of A Jesus Freak
  8. So, I Guess This Is Goodbye
  9. Interlude: Remember This Face, Baby
  10. Burn The Bodies To The Ground
  11. Rock N' Roll High School Murder
  12. Make Me Believe This Is Real
  13. They Always Come Back
  14. Set Me Free

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