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This song is by I:Scintilla and appears on the album Dying & Falling (2010) and on the EP Marrow 1 (2012).

Envy's blade, Ego plague
Tried to take me out twisted hate
Trap of lies took you down
Because you had to taste the bait

Red as blood and vague as the sky
I can't believe the things you deny

Thankless art, loveless heart
Take it out on me to pass it through
Re-rejected, smoke curling
Clearly I must've got to you

Running the course, outside the line
You carve respect, from the swine

Keep your enemies close?
I say push them aside
Let you choke on the dust of
Your hate and your pride
Your failure is a fire
It's killing you inside
Can't you leave this where you
Left integrity behind

Who's laughing?
Who's laughing now?
Red as blood, and vague as the sky
I can't believe, the things you deny

I'll learn to use the flames
Keep feeding the inferno
Burning you inside
Burning up your mind
I won't feed your guilt
I won't feed your greed
I won't feed your anger
Who's laughing now?

Burning you inside
Burning out your mind
It's killing you inside

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