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Compilation by various artists.
  1. prey -Remix- by Shiho
  2. SNOW -Album Mix- by 島みやえい子 (Eiko Shimamiya)
  3. Face of Fact by Kotoko
  4. SAVE YOUR HEART -Album Mix- by Kotoko
  5. 遮光 -Album Mix- by Kotoko
  6. 僕らが見守る未来 by 詩月カオリ (Kaori Utatsuki)
  7. GREEDY by Momo
  8. Feel in tears by Kotoko
  9. 夏草の線路 -Album Mix- by Kotoko
  10. 雨に歌う譚詩曲 by Healing Leaf
  11. I pray to stop my cry -little sea style- by 川田まみ (Mami Kawada)
  12. 悲しみの花 by Mell
  13. Lament by Kotoko

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