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Album by Hybrid Minds.
  1. Intro
  2. Touch (featuring Tiffani Juno)
  3. Demons (featuring Charlotte Haining)
  4. Skeletons (featuring Grimm)
  5. Pretend (featuring Rocky Nti)
  6. Home (featuring Linguistics and Charlie P)
  7. Skin & Bones (featuring Grimm and Laurence Baker)
  8. Secret Place (featuring Tiffani Juno)
  9. Inside (featuring Emily Jones)
  10. Elements
  11. Phoenix (featuring Alexa Harley)
  12. Never Change (featuring Grimm)
  13. Listen (featuring Tiffani Juno)
  14. Dry Land (featuring Ad Apt and Tiffani Juno)
  15. Brighter Days (featuring Charlotte Haining)

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