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Double Fantasy (2013)

Hussalonia - Double Fantasy

Double Fantasy

  1. Plaza Parking Lot at Night
  2. Dead Man's Suit
  3. My Heart Runneth Over My Head
  4. Words That Mean Nothing but Are Pleasant to Hear
  5. The Questions Still Entertain Me
  6. Two Seasons of Neglect
  7. Daydreaming About Things That Do Not Matter At All
  8. Tell That to a Beginner
  9. This Tape Ain't Getting Any Older
  10. I Am the Window to Your Soul
  11. Waiting Still

Domesticoma (2015)

Hussalonia - Domesticoma


  1. How to Fell a Tree
  2. 7f12u
  3. Lead a Horse
  4. Pain Conquers All
  5. Punk Rock Girl on the Back of the Bus
  6. The Sound of Young America
  7. Play the B-Side
  8. Barely Doing This
  9. Avaunt!
  10. Leaning Into Chaos

Dogdammit! (2016)

Hussalonia - Dogdammit!


  1. Make Way for My Depression!
  2. What Is Everybody Thinking About When They're Not Thinking About Me?
  3. A Little Prayer
  4. Now Is Not the Time to Talk
  5. Three Little Words
  6. I'm Fresh out of Answers
  7. I Do, Adieu
  8. Even Easy Street Is Hard
  9. I've Nothing Good Inside Me Now
  10. Don't (Stop Believin')

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Years active:

  • 1998-present

Band members:

  • Jesse Mank - vocals, guitar, piano, drums, percussion

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