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Rock N Roll

This song is by Hurt.

The limo pulls right up to his private plane
He takes his t-shirt off with his Gucci shades
He barely says two words 'cause you're all the same

You know his name
You know his name

Then bring him three young virgins and a bottle of scotch
Because he's god's next gift to electric rock
You better never leave him waiting or he might go off

'Cause you know the drill
You know he will

Rock 'n' roll is comin' to a city near you
We'll fill your holes but mostly wanna put it in you
It has no meaning but you see 'em sellin autographs
All that bullshit makes me mad

Step off the bus as we start the day
Can barely say two words from the vocal strain
Oh man, I'm so damn sorry I forgot your name
We're on day eighteen without a break
The only key's with the owner and he comes in late
To swallow rock cut bourbon like a rock cliche
It takes a decent bit of work to fit the gear on stage

But you know the drill
You're bros with him

The rock 'n' roll you love is at your local venue
It clears your soul of hopes to put a bullet in you
And come the morning I keep goin' just from knowin' that
Thank you folks, now we'll be back

Vomit stains and human waste will keep you company
We're miles away from anyone who ever loved me
I wait to meet you but you think we're sellin' autographs
All that bullshit makes me mad

I guess it's just too late for me now
I guess it's just too late for me now
We were just two little boys in love with noise
So how did it become too late to get out

"Hey, Jay, you think you got something to say?"
To start off with, Jay ain't even the name
So where the fuck do you get off callin' me fake?
I am the face you see on hit parade
Who fought the song that they want at the top of billboard
And when they're sick of that shit I'll just feed 'em some more
'Cause I'm a media whore

Rock 'n' roll kills the soul that you try to fill in
You should know that the soul fuck was quite the feelin'
You try to beat me with your autotune and all of that
Rock star bullshit makes me laugh

I'm sure at home that whore you bang is finally cumming
I'm miles away from anyone who gives a fuck
If you wanna eat me you can keep your fuckin' autograph
All you boys just make me laugh

'Cause you're relivin' wonder
You're relivin' wonder
You're relivin' wonder
Your three minute wonder

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