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This song is by Hurray for the Riff Raff and appears on the album Look Out Mama (2012).

Riley, oh Riley, lend me your hand
Walk with me softly to the Promised Land
Well, I love you, Riley, but you gotta understand
It's so damn painful to love a dishonest man

I ride all morning and I ride all day
Just to catch you, Riley, in your other woman's place
And I climb the porch steps, knock three times and back away
When the one who answers stares deep into my face

Her hair is auburn, skin gold from the Sun
She stands in the doorway and she calls your name to come
Now, I wait like the reaper in my cloak of black
She whispers, begging, please, don't make him go back

Riley, oh Riley, what can make love stay
You can't look at me, but you can't turn away
No, you can't

Riley, oh Riley, on my journey home
I cried a river and soaked you to the bone
Riley, oh Riley, my tears flood the town
You and I and your girl, all together, we did drown

Riley, oh Riley, lend me your hand
Walk with me softly through the Promised Land

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