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Let's Write The Streets

This song is by Hundreds and appears on the album Hundreds (2010).

For the first time
I can see your eyes
I am all alone
It is clear we'll fall from grace
We cannot walk away
Away from each other.

Medicate my heart
I medicate your heart
Its just wrong we stay.
The coldest part has come.
We built a perfect place
And pictured each other.

We are whitest sheets
Let's write the streets

Could you sit with me?
Under the icicles
Give me your trembling hands
I don't wear kid gloves
This darkness is complete
Please don't say a word

Oh we will stumble
But that's the way we walk.
Please tell me everything
And maybe in the end
We'll even have lost the fear.

We are whitest sheets
Lets write the streets

The streets, the streets, the streets, the streets, the streets, the streets, the streets...

I tried
I tried

To walk alone

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