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I Love My Harbour

This song is by Hundreds and appears on the album Hundreds (2010).

While we walk through empty streets
You calmed our heart beats
We see them

Rocks and bushes fall apart
A fetal lost their path
We form
We lose

This desert it will never end
Our thirst is never filled
Let's move on

Purple sky is above our heads
Illuminated aeroplanes
We run
They follow

We can try
Sure we die
But we can share
Some safety
Some fear

Memories and thoughts are gone
Brightest whitened minds
Don't talk

I am watching windows
You pull the blindfolds down
We know it
We find it

Animals have left their homes
Trees grow upside down
We have our hands

We'll hide inside a big fish
Listen to the choir
The seaside is waiting

We can try
For sure we die
But we can share
Some safety
Some fear

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