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Foam Born

This song is by Hundreds and appears on the album Aftermath (2014).

Let's full stop now
See how we got up here
Wait for a story to interfere
Let's bulldoze around
Till they defy a ban on things
Lather our teeth
On piano strings grasping
Lukewarm you promised
I burned my foot in the bath
Who'd ever mind the aftermath
O pale peel only the jokes grow never old
Your wet hair catches a thunderbolt
Let's hark back together
I would never
Be late for that
Never behindhand for that
Let's slow down figure out
How to talk
To the homely face

I never mind
The lonely days lasting

Shit time be my brother
I wanna love you
And I wanna feed you with
Poison, like family does
Spook town be my brother
I wanna love you
Like the carp loves the basin
Language be my brother
I wanna love you
I want to make your heart a drunk fuck
Foam Born be my brother
I wanna love you

And I wanna foster
My carelessness on your
Memory gland
I wanna love you
I wanna love you

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