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Careless Love

This song is by Hugh Laurie and appears on the album Didn't It Rain (2013).

Love oh love
Oh careless love
Love oh love love love love
Oh careless love

You make me
You make me weep
And you make me
You make me moan
You make me leave
My happy home

Don't you never
Drive a stranger
From your door
Don't you never
Don't you never never never
Drive a stranger from your door

It may be your sister
Or your brother
You'll never know
Don't you never drive a stranger
From your door

Careless love
You drove me
Through the rain and snow
Careless love
You drove me, you drove me
Through the wind and snow

You robbed me
Out of my silver
And you robbed me
Out of my gold
I'll be damned
If I let you
Rob me out of my soul

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