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Hubert Sumlin's Blues Party (1987)

Hubert Sumlin - Hubert Sumlin's Blues Party

Hubert Sumlin's Blues Party

  1. Hidden Charms
  2. West Side Soul
  3. A Soul That's Been Abused
  4. Letter to My Girlfriend
  5. How Can You Leave Me, Little Girl?
  6. Can't Call You No More
  7. Blue Guitar
  8. Down in the Bottom
  9. Poor Me, Pour Me
  10. Living the Blues

Heart & Soul (1989)

Hubert Sumlin - Heart & Soul

Heart & Soul

  1. Your Foxy Self
  2. Chunky
  3. Sitting on Top of the World
  4. I Want You
  5. Bring Your Love to Me
  6. The Red Rooster
  7. Juke
  8. No Time for Me
  9. Got the Blues
  10. Old Friends

Blues Guitar Boss (1994)

Hubert Sumlin - Blues Guitar Boss

Blues Guitar Boss

  1. All I Can Do
  2. You Got to Help Me
  3. Blues Is Here to Stay
  4. Sometimes I'm Right
  5. Spanish Greens
  6. Still Playing the Blues
  7. It Could Be You
  8. Pickin'
  9. Look Don't Touch
  10. I've Stopped Crying

Wake Up Call (1998)

Hubert Sumlin - Wake Up Call

Wake Up Call

  1. I'm Coming Home
  2. Makes Me Think About the One I Had
  3. When You're in Love
  4. I'm Your Baby
  5. Wake Up Call
  6. Gonna Move
  7. Let Your Fingers Do the Talkin'
  8. I Just Need Your Love
  9. Hubert Runs the Hoodoo Down
  10. Get This Love Straight

Legends (1998)

Pinetop Perkins & Hubert Sumlin - Legends


  1. Got My Mojo Working
  2. Nutcracker
  3. Rock Me Baby
  4. Hoochie Coochie Man
  5. The Sky Is Crying
  6. Pinto Beans and Blackeyed Peas
  7. Take It Easy Baby
  8. Shame, Shame, Shame
  9. Come Back Baby
  10. Sunnyland Slim
  11. She Walks Right In

About Them Shoes (2005)

Hubert Sumlin - About Them Shoes

About Them Shoes

  1. I'm Ready (featuring Eric Clapton)
  2. Still a Fool (featuring Keith Richards)
  3. She's Into Something
  4. Iodine in My Coffee
  5. Look What You've Done
  6. Come Home Baby
  7. Evil
  8. Long Distance Call (with Eric Clapton)
  9. The Same Thing (featuring David Johansen)
  10. Don't Go No Farther
  11. I Love the Life I Live, I Live the Life I Love (with Keith Richards)
  12. Walkin' Thru the Park (featuring David Johansen)
  13. This Is the End, Little Girl (featuring Keith Richards)

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  • b.1931, d.2011
  • Occupation: singer, guitarist
  • Instruments: guitar, vocals

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