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This song is by Hot Chip and appears on the album Coming On Strong (2004) and on the EP Playboy (2004).

April, the cruelest month
I reckon this March could be a contender
There's only so much sorrow a man can take
I can't change my face, don't you remember
You know when I was on the road
That me and you was on the rocks, so low
Should never have got talking all that jive
Now there's only one way for me to stay alive

Driving in my Peugeot
Twenty inch rims with the chrome now
Blazing out Yo La Tengo
Driving 'round Putney with the top down

So long to contentedness
I reckon next time I'll march in favor
So long, I've felt a blessedness
No more is this a taste I want to savor
I Know how I did you wrong
You can now only see, so far
But never was there more to say
Less to do before turning away


Written by:

Joe Goddard and Alexis Taylor

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