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Strange Way

This song is by Honestly and appears on the album Have a Nice Life (2003).

There's nothing you can say
Some things just can't be fixed
Every word sounds the same
It's such a shame
Such a bittersweet kiss
I can't sleep

I wish it was your fault
But I can't say that you were wrong
No, there's no one I can blame
We knew it couldn't last
Still we held on far too long
It's much too late
To be sorry for it all

You've been hanging on
Hanging on
And tomorrow's gonna come
But I'll be gone tonight
You've been hanging on
For too long
Don't you know
That everything is not all right
This is goodbye

As you walk away
Holding things I won't confess
I hope you'll learn to see it for what it was
Sacrifice your dignity
And forfeit your regrets
It's a brand new day
Let's wash our hands of this

This is goodbye
This is goodbye

It's much too late
To be sorry for it all


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