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Sweet Home Tennessee (1992)

Homesick James - Sweet Home Tennessee

Sweet Home Tennessee

  • as (Homesick James & The Hypnotics)
  1. Gotta Move
  2. Meet Me in the Bottom
  3. Crawlin' Kingsnake
  4. Come Back Baby
  5. Can't Afford to Do It
  6. Sweet Home Tennessee
  7. Kissing in the Dark
  8. Married Woman
  9. Woman I Love

Juanita (1997)

Homesick James - Juanita


  1. Juanita
  2. My Baby
  3. Time Is Growin' Near
  4. Lonesome Ol' Train
  5. Someday Baby
  6. Drivin' Dog
  7. Careless Love
  8. The Right Life
  9. I Can't Hold Out
  10. Stop That Thing

My Home Ain't Here: The New Orleans Session (2004)

Homesick James - My Home Ain't Here- The New Orleans Session

My Home Ain't Here: The New Orleans Session

  1. Please Set a Date
  2. Crossroads
  3. Come on Back
  4. Little & Low
  5. Gotta Move
  6. Evil Minded People
  7. You Don't Have to Go
  8. Lay It on Me
  9. Sweet & Kind Lovin' Woman
  10. Got No Time

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Other Songs

  1. Bottle up and Go

Additional information

Artist information:

  • b. 1910, d.2006
  • Instruments: vocals, slide guitar

Real name:

Homesick James is a performance name for John William Henderson.

Also known as:

Homesick James & The HypnoticsJames A. WilliamsonHomesick James Williamson

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