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Hollyn (2015)

Hollyn - Hollyn


  1. Alone (featuring TRU)
  2. All I Need is You
  3. Hey Mama
  4. Nothin' on You
  5. Steady Me (featuring Aaron Cole)
  6. Mine

One-Way Conversations (2017)

Hollyn - One-Way Conversations

One-Way Conversations

  1. Can't Live Without
  2. Love With Your Life
  3. Obvious?
  4. All My Love
  5. In Awe
  6. Party In The Hills (featuring Steven Malcom and Andy Mineo)
  7. Lovely
  8. Go (featuring TobyMac and Diverse City)
  9. Waiting For
  10. Girl (featuring Tree Giants)
  11. Love With Your Life (Capital Kings Remix)

Songs Featuring Hollyn

  1. All Good by Capital Kings
  2. Backseat Driver by TobyMac
  3. Lights Shine Bright by TobyMac

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Hollyn is a performance name for Holly Marie Miller.

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