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Very Bad a Bitter Hand

This song is by His Name Is Alive and appears on the album Home Is in Your Head (1991).

Very bad a bitter hand
Very bad a bitter hand
From me meant my above
Very bad a bitter hand
I sent away too cold to stand
Very bad a bitter hand

You are the when
Shall we pick up where we were
Never return just need again
I left you with the devil
Then winter ends
Must be lost in your head
Moon disappears
Will you now forgive me

Now in fragments we're alone
There's a sliver in the soul
All I can remember
Very bad a bitter hand
Since we splintered on our own

This is your last life
Take me where you want to go
Do you hear the footsteps
I'm walking in your shadow

I married you with my eyes
Nothing between us
Lost in my head
Problems long forgotten
Beauty only lingers
Mistakes we've made forgotten


Written by:

Warren Defever

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