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Crashed Up on the Corner

This song is by His Name Is Alive and appears on the 1998 reissue of the album Stars on E.S.P. (1996).

Swinging sets
Summer slides
You all think
Its hot tonight
I got two wings
Gonna fly me home
I got a thing
For the summer time
God gave noah
The rainbow sign
No more water
But fire next time

I wanted spring to come
I wanted spring to come
I wanted spring to come

This is the rock
Where we paint the names
Of the kids that died
Crashed up on the corner
Shoulda took it slower
Doesn't always come back
When you lose a little
Meet me in the full moon
Meet me up the middle

Give to me
When you're through
All the things
You like to do
Pass the bottle
When you get dry
Brush away
The blue tail fly


Written by:

Warren Defever

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