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This song is by His Name Is Alive and appears on the album Mouth by Mouth (1993).

Through the fields row by row
One plant at a time
Down the row field by field
This field will take a long time
There's corn from here to night
This field will take all day
Twelve hours and we'll home
Until then we'll walk the row

The sun is in the heart
And I am sending light and warmth

In the gold, city of gold
In the black, city of sand
The great lakes, the summer, the heat, the corn
The great lakes, the heat, mazola the oil
When the fish are jumpin', in the summer time

I've driven from the country to here
It's so much hotter in the city
'Cause they ain't got god in the city
I'm so tired of this


Written by:

Warren Defever

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