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Across the Street

This song is by His Name Is Alive and appears on the album Stars on E.S.P. (1996).

Today the south is covered in snow
Away sometimes my memory goes
I'm the queen and you're the king
Never did much together
If you're as smooth as you are sweet
I'll come to you from across the street
I ain't gonna drive all over you
I ain't goin' down that road
Leaves are turning
The air gets cold
Lake frozen over
The season unfolds
In my bed I cannot rest
Until we sleep together
I'm gonna stay right here
Till you change your mind
I'm so broken hearted
And I'm worried all the time
The easiest work I ever done
Was swinging my true loves arm
The hardest work I ever done
Was working out on the farm


Written by:

Warren Defever and Mark Kozelek

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