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Livonia (1990)

His Name Is Alive - Livonia


  1. As We Could Ever
  2. e-Nicolle
  3. If July
  4. Some and I
  5. fossil
  6. E-Nicolle
  7. Caroline's Supposed Demon
  8. Fossil
  9. reincarnation
  10. You and I Have Seizures
  11. How Ghosts Affect Relationships
  12. Darkest Dreams
Bonus track on US release
  1. Livonia

Home Is in Your Head (1991)

His Name Is Alive - Home Is In Your Head

Home Is in Your Head

His Name Is Alive - Home Is In Your Head (US)

US release

  1. Are You Coming Down This Weekend?
  2. Her Eyes Were Huge Things
  3. The Charmer
  4. Hope Called in Sick
  5. My Feathers Needed Cleaning
  6. The Well
  7. There's Something Between Us and He's Changing My Words
  8. The Phoenix, a Pool of Ice
  9. Are We Still Married?
  10. Put Your Finger in Your Eye
  11. Home Is in Your Head
  12. Why People Disappear
  13. Here Eyes Are Huge
  14. Save the Birds
  15. Chances Are We Are Mad
  16. Mescalina
  17. Sitting Still Moving Still Staring Outlooking
  18. Very Bad a Bitter Hand
  19. Beautiful and Pointless
  20. Tempe
  21. Spirit and Body
  22. Love's a Fish Eye
  23. Dreams Are of the Body/The Other Body
Bonus tracks on US release
  1. Man on the Silver Mountain
  2. Are We Still Married? (remix)
  3. Is This the Way the Tigers Do?
  4. We Hold the Land in Great Esteem
  5. The Dirt Eaters

Mouth by Mouth (1993)

His Name Is Alive - Mouth By Mouth

Mouth by Mouth

  1. Baby Fish Mouth
  2. Lip
  3. Cornfield
  4. In Every Ford
  5. Lord, Make Me a Channel of Your Peace
  6. Drink, Dress, and Ink
  7. Where Knock Is Open Wide
  8. Can't Go Wrong Without You
  9. Jack Rabbits
  10. Sort Of
  11. Sick
  12. Blue Moon
  13. Ear
  14. Lemon Ocean
  15. The Torso
  16. The Dirt Eaters
  17. The Homesick Waltz

Stars on E.S.P. (1996)

His Name Is Alive - Stars On E.S.P.

Stars on E.S.P.

  1. Dub Love Letter
  2. This World Is Not My Home
  3. Bad Luck Girl
  4. What Are You Wearing Tomorrow
  5. The Bees
  6. What Else Is New List
  7. Wall of Speed
  8. Universal Frequencies
  9. The Sand That Holds the Lakes in Place
  10. I Can't Live in This World Anymore
  11. Answer to Rainbow at Midnight
  12. Famous Goodbye King
  13. Across the Street
  14. Movie
  15. Last One
Bonus tracks on 1998 reissue
  1. Drive Around the Clock
  2. Crashed Up on the Corner
  3. Soul Resides in the Horse Barn
  4. Whale You Ease My Mind
  5. Oh Sinner Man

Last Night (2002)

His Name Is Alive - Last Night

Last Night

  1. Deep
  2. Last Night
  3. Crawlin'
  4. Teardrops
  5. Devil's Night
  6. I Been Good up Till Now
  7. I Have Special Powers
  8. Do You Want to Come to My Party
  9. Someday My Prince Will Come
  10. I Can See Myself in Her
  11. Maybe
  12. Storm
  13. Train

Detrola (2006)

His Name Is Alive - Detrola


  1. Introduction (The Darkest Night)
  2. After I Leave U (Maybe Again When I Leave U)
  3. I Thought I Saw (Mama Don't You Think I Know)
  4. In My Dreams (Sometimes Screw)
  5. *C*A*T*S* (Here Forever Always)
  6. Your Bones
  7. You Need a Heart (You Need a Heart to Live)
  8. You and Me
  9. Get Your Curse (Summer Left Your Heart Behind)
  10. Seven Minutes (Seven Minutes in Heaven)
  11. Send My Face (I'll Send My Face to Your Funeral)

Other Songs

  1. Home
  2. Torso

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Band members:

  • Warren Defever
  • Andy FM
  • Erik Hall

Former members:

  • Trey Many
  • Karin Oliver
  • Lovetta Pippen

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