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This song is by Himsa and appears on the album Summon in Thunder (2007).

Nights will shorten to spill the skin
Hellbent and hammered descent
Liquored, laid among the gathered
Hunter to runner in rival pissings
The scene is thickly managed
Paranoia recorded on tombs
Sizing, secular view-deconstruct identity
Siege them, seldom seen in towering eyes
Swelling spawn, sagging from the tint
Combat ills, it's murder for passage
Skinwalkers loom to roam alone
Half nature, half monster-arise from tension-evolved
From moderation
Nights slip with caution to the wind
Saviors sent to stripped-out surroundings
Phobic shock is valor when haste proceeds arrival
Black mass crusade for the loyalist
Ceremonial motherload-panic serves momentum in chaos
When the chase is on
Impetus at face value, will and weapon on the people
The walk of snipes in the plague of age

(Merci à nicolas pour cettes paroles)

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