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This song is by Himsa and appears on the EP Himsa (1999).

All ashore goin' ashore, but most of us are unsure and easily follow the allure of the cocktails and lounge acts, romance and sunsets shown in the brochures
We sail away and get lost, but sooner or later our ship gets tossed
All that smooth sailing has cost us our life
They say nobody rides for free
It's sink or swim from here on in
Then we'll have to do something quick when this becomes a sinking ship
And it pulls everybody down
The truth that we tried to drown will not let us go

Oh captain, my captain
We'll all have to go down with our own ship
Sorry we let this happen when we said that nothing could sink us
Oh no my mate
There's no more pointing the finger the other way
There is no "them" to blame because we are the "they"

We're made mostly of water, that's the truth
We can't fight water because we fight ourselves, our sisters and brothers, and drown
That's what happens when we take on water


It's our own plank we're walking and there'll be no point left in talking
It's our own plank we're walking and there'll be no more talking
Under the sea lies our true meaning
Soon we'll all see it's not like the movies
Under the sea there's no little mermaids
Dive in and see

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