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Reinventing the Noose

This song is by Himsa and appears on the album Summon in Thunder (2007).

Translation is a loss when the casualties are patterned
With skilling treatment in manics so far removed
Co-ordinating symptom is the echo of agony
Abuse the flesh to trigger disgust
Reinventing the noose whip of loyal lies
Live it one at a time, live it one at a time, loathe it all the time
Idle asylum ache splinters grace
Escape bleeds out recovery
A seep in supply replaced wholeheartedly in a missing link of loss
Complexity is hanging high to stimulate withdrawl
Society's transparency will pick at collective thaw
Everything is a disappointment in theory with sympathy as therapy
Feel formal; feel forsaken
Forecasting must secure in the cult of industry
When extreme compulsions crowned to revise a score
Devoid of emotion with a hex on the wish
Hardships will always benefit on choking from the role

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