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Hellbent And Hammered

This song is by Himsa and appears on the EP Death Is Infinite (2001).

Callousness is like shattered glass
And like shattered dreams on the floor
Dpression sets in to devour all hope
And makes you scream for more

Where did you go wrong
Last chance to get it right
Leave behind a severed soul in the mists
Of where we part

Leave remains of torrid love
And the stench of broken hearts
And it's calling, it's haunting you
It's killing you, it's killing me

Heart is crushed with a touch of lust
The death of love will reign like blood
Kill the beast and bury your seed
A breath of death is all you need

I can't feel her anymore
You know I'd love to hate you
And this is my fight for life
I refuse to submit

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