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Flood The Market

This song is by Himsa and appears on the EP Himsa (1999).

Buy me a drink or two then like me you can wear these plastic shopping bags of our home
Come on, look at me I'm trash, I wear these wet pants fashionably, rolled up to my knees
Can you believe these trendy little shops are ready for my pockets to empty on their countertops
Damn this place every day is a rainy day here, the market's flooding and it's not worth saving

It's fun to see them drown in all the garbage
We can't afford anyway
Now I'd like to have a nice day
A responsible economy made by me

Buy me the TV screams the magazine ads in my dreams
Buy me a bag of chips, some cigarettes smoked with an angry fist

That's all that we get out of this once our impulses wash away
We'll see the eye of the storm clearly in a flash of epiphany
The thinking will be done by you and me

And we'll live simply so that others may simply - live
If you want success learn how to give

We'll keep the change
They'll keep selling until
We'll keep the change
We make our final withdrawal

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