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This song is by Himsa and appears on the EP Himsa (1999).

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury. Coming to you live from death row in the city of brotherly love.
The home of the cheese steak, the liberty bell, American bandstand and the strangulation of fair trial by the hands of the prosecutor in the robes himself. The blood sucking parasite we'll refer to as our host for this mad orchestration of injustice. From "we" the people here's

A declaration for you - fuck you!
For every dollar you've made off each conviction
Send the innocent to prison
In PA that's how crime pays
All the judges, all the pigs, city council, and the DA's
The people get stuck with the tax hikes and get played out like baseball

One. Two. Three strikes, fourth Reich style

Politicians in their bill blass brown shirts
Blackball - that's how the tax dollars work
Stop paying for their power
Send them the message that they can not take another life
No more light until there's justice
No more cameras until there's action
The revolution will not be televised
If one dies, all of us die
It's time time to take action

"A courtroom can not make an innocent man guilty"
It's time to pay back the commonwealth

We have the right to not remain silent
Anything we say has and will be used against us
We have the right now to not remain silent
Do not let them take it away
This court is over-ruled and we will sustain our

Pay back the commonwealth
Move on these pigs

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