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Artist pages must not proceed to Silver or Gold until all of their album and song pages have done so.

The Templates

The essential page ranking templates, {{Artist Info}}, {{Watcher}} and their surrounding box (created by {{Star Box}}) are placed at the top of the Talk page of the artist being ranked. The talk page is reached by using the "Discussion" tab at the top of the Artist's page. (Any discussion about the Artist should still be on this page, set below this template group.)

The grouping of page ranking templates is shown below. Portions shown in GREEN should be changed to correctly reflect the state of that parameter:

{{Star Box}} {{Artist Info |homepage = unknown |mySpace = unknown |wikipedia = unknown |hometown = unknown |cover = unknown |other = unknown |related = unknown |genre = unknown |iTunes = unknown |allmusic = unknown |discogs = unknown |musicbrainz = unknown |allsongs = ALLSONGS STATUS |everyalbum = ALLALBUMS STATUS }} {{Watcher|WATCHER'S USER NAME}} |} __TOC__

Please note that the {{Watcher}} template is optional, but it is required for the Artist page to be ranked Silver or Gold.

For artists with names in non-latin based scripts there is an additional template, {{Extra Info/Ja}}, which should be placed directly below {{Artist Info}}.

{{Extra Info/Ja |romanizedArtist = unknown |romanizedAlbum = unknown |romanizedSong = unknown |jaTitle = unknown |animeFeature = unknown |gameFeature = unknown |wikipediaJa = unknown }}

Star Types



Artists at the Green level are new and in need of human attention. They likely do not have the required sections of the {{Artist Info}} template completed.



Artists at the Violet level have special needs. Usually, these revolve around non-English language and the unique challenges this presents to web pages. Very likely this has to do with accented characters or ideographic symbols being incorrect or missing. Violet pages are tagged with a {{Code Purple}} and a general topic of the problem. Specifying a sub-type to the problem greatly helps the people with the right kind of expertise find the page. Artists at the Violet level may have all necessary {{Artist Info}} {{Extra Info/Ja}} sections completed, but until the special problems are corrected, should not have their level changed.



Artists at the Bronze level have been checked to make sure they have the {{ArtistHeader}} (or {{Collaboration}}) and {{ArtistFooter}} templates and are correctly named. The artist cannot proceed beyond Bronze until the two mentioned templates have been completed and until all Albums and Songs are ranked Silver or Gold.



Artists at the Silver level have someone watching the page, protecting it from vandals and working to improve it and have all the necessary sections of the {{ArtistHeader}} and {{ArtistFooter}} templates filled in and every[1] album and song is ranked Silver or Gold.



Artists at the Gold level are complete! All necessary information has been filled in, the page has at least one watcher and all[1] albums and songs are at the Gold level. Small changes and updates may take place, but a Gold level Artist page should be an example of excellence.

  • ^[1] An exception can be made for songs that don't appear on any official release, e.g. live recordings, and are listed on the artist page for completeness' sake.


The following markers may be used to mark a section's status:

  1. unknown – this section has not been completed on the Artist page.
  2. done – this section has been completed on the Artist page.
  3. not applicable – this section has not been completed because it does not apply to the Artist.
  • Example: Unless an artist has seen enough success to be ranked on the Billboard charts, they likely do not have a Wikipedia entry. Such artists would have the Wikipedia section of the {{Artist Info}} template marked as "not applicable".

Special Notes


The "other" parameter relates to songs in the Other Songs list, which need to all be allocated before the page can proceed beyond Bronze.


The "related" parameter refers to Related Artists.

AllSongs and EveryAlbum Status

The following markers should be used to mark the status of the |allsongs = and |everyalbum =parameters:

  1. Black – the level that should be marked if some of the artist's album and song pages don't exist yet
  2. Violet – translation help is requested for albums and/or songs
  3. Green – all songs/albums have been listed and exist (no "red links")
  4. Bronze – all songs/albums meet (or exceed) the criteria for being ranked Bronze
  5. Silver – all songs/albums meet (or exceed) the criteria for being ranked Silver
  6. Gold – all songs/albums meet the criteria for being ranked Gold
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