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Songs in languages other than English require additional formatting guides.


In addition to the standard song categories, songs are categorized by their language by using the |language = parameter of the {{SongFooter}} template.

The following guidelines apply to the language parameter:

  • The language name should be entered in English, i.e. German, not Deutsch.
  • If the singer switches between two or more different languages while performing a song, these languages should be entered in alphabetical order separated by a hyphen, e.g. English-German or German-Russian.
  • For instrumentals, the language parameter should be omitted.

Article Titles

Page names for songs in a non-latin based script should use the native version of the artist's name and the song title.

For more information about the site page-naming guidelines, see LyricWiki:Page Names.


The top-most lyric section should be the song in the original language and in the original script for that language. User-provided translations and romanizations of the song may be added to subpages of the song page, e.g. "Artist:Song Title/roman" or "Artist:Song Title/en". See Help:Romanization and Help:Translations for more information.

Multiple Releases

Songs released in multiple languages have additional guidelines to this. See Help:Multiple Languages.

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