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Where Is the Album Cover?

Artwork unavailable
Artwork removed

If you see one of these images on an album page, or next to an album listing on an artist page, instead of the actual album artwork, it is usually for one of the following reasons:

Artwork Removed

ToU Violation

Most likely, the image has been uploaded but then deleted by Wikia staff for "violating FANDOM's Terms of Use" (usually meaning it contains any sort of nudity). If you re-upload it, it will most likely get deleted again. However, in some cases, alternative artwork without nudity is available, which you may upload instead. (Only official artwork please, no fan-made covers!)

DMCA Takedown

Sometimes, an artist doesn't want their work listed on our site and files a DMCA takedown notice. In this case, Wikia is required to immediately delete the page or file. Please do not re-upload.

No Artwork Available

We Couldn't Find It

In rare cases, a release may be so little known that its artwork hasn't made it onto the internet yet. If you own the album in question and a scanner (or, failing that, at least a digital camera), you can remedy that situation.

There Is No Art

Art Garfunkel - Angel Clare

Don't worry, he's still around.

Some digital-only releases may have no artwork. It's the music that matters.

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