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Help:Album Cover


LyricWiki supports storing files such as images, and is available for use for storing low quality representations of album covers under fair use laws.

Placeholder Image

CD Case

On many album pages, the album art placeholder image you see on the right is displayed instead of an image of the album cover. This either means that the album art has not yet been uploaded or that the {{AlbumHeader}} template links to a non-existing image.

Upload Page

  • Under the album art placeholder image are two links. The one labeled 'Upload Cover' will take you to the Upload page. Uploading via this link will automatically handle naming the file for the album page and also update the page to display the image immediately after uploading. (See also the Purge Page section below).
  • The Upload page can also be reached via the "Upload a Photo" link that after registering appears under "Contribute" at the top right of this page.

Image Format

  • Although JPEG images are preferred, other formats such as .gif and .png may also be used.
  • To comply with fair use law, album art should not be bigger than 500×500 px or 150 KB.

File Name

The picture file does not have to be named in the following format before it is uploaded: Artist Name - Album Title. However, this format is recommended, since this is the format that is automatically searched for and inserted into album pages. As such, it does make searching for pictures much easier if the file has been named in this way before being uploaded.

When uploading an album cover, the destination filename should follow this format: Artist Name - Album Title in Displayed Case. For example: Example Artist - An Album Used as an Example.jpg.

Please note that album covers of homonymous artists are handled slightly differently from other covers.

Summary Field

The {{AlbumCover}} template should be used in the Summary field. Using this template ensures that the image is added to Category:Album Covers. It also attaches a statement to the uploaded file concerning copyright.

|page   = album pagename
|info   = some info, e.g. awards the cover has won, the name of its creator, etc. 
|source = image source, e.g. Wikipedia
  • The |info and |source parameters are optional.

Khelpcenter If you follow the "Upload cover" link from the album page, the summary field will be filled automatically.

Purge Page

If after uploading the file via the "Upload cover" link on the album page the image does not immediately appear, purge the page using the second link. Purging the page clears the cache and refreshes the page. The album cover should then display. If it does not, insert the actual name of the image, e.g. Man - Rhinos, Winos + Lunatics.jpg in the |cover parameter of the {{AlbumHeader}} template.

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