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Upload page

After registering, when logged into LyricWiki you will notice an "Upload file" link in the Toolbox on the left-hand side of this page. Clicking on that link will take you to the Upload page.

Acceptable files

  • Album Covers
  • Artist Images from Wikipedia, MySpace or artist's official site.
  • Other Images
  • Timed Lyrics
  • Sound Clips (Must be available under a copyleft license) NO COPYRIGHTED MUSIC WILL BE PERMITTED, REGARDLESS OF LENGTH.

Note: Do not upload video clips, use {{Youtube embed}} instead.


All uploaded files should be added to an appropriate category. This can be achieved by putting [[Category:CATEGORYNAME]] in the Summary field on the Upload file page.

Album covers

For information about uploading album covers, please see the Uploading Content/Album Covers page.

Artist images

All artist images uploaded should be free of copyright restrictions. The use of a copyrighted picture is not allowed, as its use is not allowed under Fair Use. Artist images obtained from Wikipedia are allowed. Promotional images from the artist's MySpace page or the artist's official site can be uploaded for use in the {{ArtistHeader}} on the artist page. All such Artist images are required to use the {{ArtistPhoto}} template or risk removal.

ArtistPhoto Template

The {{ArtistPhoto}} template shown below should be used in the Summary field on the Upload file page. As much information about the image as possible should be entered. Using this template ensures that the image is added to Category:Artist Images. It also attaches a statement to the uploaded file concerning copyright.

|artist = Artist name 
|site   = MySpace, Wikipedia, Official site or other site
|url    = URL of the page on which the image is visible
|dirurl = URL of the actual image file
|info   = Information about the image (optional)
File Naming Guideline

Artist pictures should be uploaded using the artist's name as the file name. For example, the file name for Aerosmith should be Aerosmith.jpg, and not Aerosmith_Group_Picture.jpg or AeroGroupJul08_200px.jpg, etc.

Other images

Other images, such as those used on user pages, should be added to Category:Images, or one of its subcategories, e.g. Category:User Pics. As with the Artist Images, the image should be copyright-free and the source of the file should be noted in the Summary during upload or risk deletion.

Sound clips

For information about uploading sound clips, please see the Uploading Content/Sound Clips page.

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