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The following guidelines apply to the |fLetter = parameter:

  • If the first character is a digit, then use: fLetter = 0-9.
  • If the first character is a symbol (like ";", "(", "-", "*", or "$"), then use: fLetter = Symbol.
  • If the first character is from a logographic writing system that uses symbols for entire words (e.g. Chinese, Japanese, or Korean), then use the name of the script. Example: fLetter = Chinese.
  • For all other cases, use the actual first character of the title, in uppercase. This includes non-Latin alphabets such as Cyrillic, Greek, etc., and accented characters such as Á, Ö, or Ç.
  • Always use the first character of the actual title, even if it deviates from the pagename. Example: On 2Pac:Number 1 With A Bullet, the fLetter is "Symbol", not "N", because the actual song title is "#1 With a Bullet".
  • The very first character should always be used, even if the first word is "A", "An", or "The". Example: for "The" it would be fLetter = T.
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