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This page shows you how to handle songs featuring a Vocaloid Wikipedia16 or UTAU. They are voice synthesizers, i.e. a humanoid persona voiced by a singing synthesizer application. Thus, they are not an artist in the LyricWiki sense, and they can not be listed as artists nor as featuring artists. This also means that {{ft}} cannot be used with voice synths.


At LyricWiki, the artist for songs featuring a voice synthesizer is the producer/lyricst of the song.

Page Name

Accordingly, the page name pattern for song pages is:



By using {{VoiceSynth}} you can assign a song to a specific voice synthesizer persona:

|type   = type of Voice Synth
|name   = name of Voice Synth
|vocadb = VocaDB id
|utau   = Utau wiki article

Place {{VoiceSynth}} right beneath the {{Song}} template

  • The type parameter is required and can (currently) be either Vocaloid or Utau.
  • The name parameter is required.
  • The vocadb parameter can be used to link to the Vocaloid's entry in the Vocaloid Database. Don't use the full URL, just the part in red:
  • The utau parameter can be used to link to the Utau's article on Utau wiki. Don't use the full URL, just the article's pagename.
  • Page names for songs in a non-latin based script should use the native version of the artist's name and the song title:
初音ミク instead of 初音ミク (Hatsune Miku)
  • Both, vocadb and utau wiki links must direct to respective voice synth persona article, not to respective song article.


|type   = Vocaloid
|name   = 初音ミク (Miku Hatsune)
|vocadb = 1


This song features the Vocaloid voice synthesizer 初音ミク (Miku Hatsune) (Vocadb VocaDB).
|type = Utau
|name = 重音テト (Teto Kasane)
|utau = Teto Kasane


This song features the Utau voice synthesizer 重音テト (Teto Kasane) (Utau wiki Utau wiki).

Category Page Format

By using {{VoiceSynth}} the song page will be automatically added to the voice synth persona's category. The category page is empty and should be formatted as follows. A properly formatted category page is especially important for organizing voice synths, since they do not have their own artist page.
The category page for voice synthesizers consists of three parts:

  1. {{Info}} with a short description, including a wikipedia link if possible.
  2. __HIDDENCAT__ tag
  3. A tag to assign the page to the type category:
[[Category:Voice Synthesizer/VOICE SYNTH TYPE|VOICE SYNTH NAME]]
VOICE SYNTH TYPE: Currently, Utau or Vocaloid
VOICE SYNTH NAME: Name of the voice synthesizer persona
Example: Category:Voice Synthesizer/Utau/重音テト (Teto Kasane)

Given that song and category pages are formatted properly, all songs featuring a voice synthesizer can be found here.

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