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To help give users a consistent experience on the site, this page will describe how to format Album pages of compilation albums by multiple artists. Pages for "Greatest Hits" and "Best Of"-type compilation albums by a single artist are not formatted as detailed below, but instead are formatted the same as regular studio albums.

Page Name

  • As compilation albums do not have a single artist, the artist portion of the pagename should be omitted. So instead of "Artist Name:Album Name (Year Of Release)", merely use "Album Name (Year Of Release)". Do not use "Various Artists" where the Artist Name would normally go.
  • The first letter of each word of the album title should be capitalised. (For more information about LyricWiki's page naming guidelines see Page Names.)

Compilation Album Page Format

The Compilation Album page consists of three sections:

  1. Album Header
  2. Song List
  3. Album Footer


The following is a generic template of how the compilation album page is formatted. Replace the sections in <<>> with the correct information and remove the <<>> completely.

|type      = compilation
|artist    = various artists
|album     = <<Album Title>>
|length    = <<mm:ss>>
|genre     = <<Genre>>
|cover     = <<PictureName.jpg>>
|wikipedia = <<Wikipedia Page Name>>
|star      = <<Violet, Green, Bronze, Silver or Gold>>

# '''[[<<Artist 1>>:<<Song 1>>|<<Song 1>>]]''' by [[<<Artist 1>>]]
# '''[[<<Artist 2>>:<<Song 2>>|<<Song 2>>]]''' by [[<<Artist 2>>]]

|fLetter     = <<First Letter of album title>>
|asin        = << ASIN>>
|iTunes      = <<iTunes ID>>
|allmusic    = <<AllMusic ID>>
|discogs     = <<Discogs ID>>
|musicbrainz = <<MusicBrainz ID>>
|spotify     = <<Spotify ID>>

NOTE: "Various Artists" in both artist parameters is recognised independent of capitalisation. As such, "various artists", "Various Artists", "vArIous ArTiStS", etc. will all produce the correct result.

Album Header

The format is the same as for regular albums, with two exceptions:

  1. |type = compilation must be added;
  2. |artist = various artists (case-insensitive; see NOTE above).

For a complete list of available parameters and their functions, see the {{AlbumHeader}} template documentation.

Song List

The middle portion of the Album page is the tracklisting of the songs on the album.

  • Songs should be listed in the order they appear on the album.
  • Capitalize the first letter of every word in the artist's name and the song's title. If the song has different capitalization than this, the links may have an alternate text specified. This is done by changing the capitalization the second time the song title is listed in the line.
[[Artist:Correct Capitalization Of The Song|acTuaL capItaliZation of thE soNg]]
  • Special notations about a song (such as whether the song is an instrumental, live performance, featured artists, etc.) should be placed after the link to the song, not as part of the song's name.
  • If the album is a multi-disc set, then the discs should be separated with subheadings.
{{H4|Disc One}}
# '''[[<<Artist One>>:<<Song One>>|<<Song One>>]]''' by [[<<Artist One>>]]
# '''[[<<Artist Two>>:<<Song Two>>|<<Song Two>>]]''' by [[<<Artist Two>>]]
# '''[[<<Artist Three>>:<<Song Three>>|<<Song Three>>]]''' by [[<<Artist Three>>]]

{{H4|Disc Two}}
# '''[[<<Artist Four>>:<<Song Four>>|<<Song Four>>]]''' by [[<<Artist Four>>]]
# '''[[<<Artist Five>>:<<Song Five>>|<<Song Five>>]]''' by [[<<Artist Five>>]]
# '''[[<<Artist Name>>:<<Song Six>>|<<Song Six>>]]''' by [[<<Artist Six>>]]

Album Footer

The format is the same as for regular albums. For a complete list of available parameters and their functions, see the {{AlbumFooter}} template documentation.

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