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This page explains how music not associated with a particular recording (especially music from pre-recording eras), i.e. "classical" music should be handled differently from "non-classical" at LyricWiki. "Classical" is used here in the broadest sense, and is not meant to refer specifically to the Classical Period in Western music.

In general, pages from these periods use the same templates, but have additional parameters.

Page Title

In "classical" music it is common to assign a work to the composer, thus pages should be named

[[Composer:Song]] and 
[[Composer:Work (YEAR)]]

In even older genres, e.g. in medieval music, usually the lyricist is the credited artist:

[[Lyricist:Song]] and 
[[Lyricist:Work (YEAR)]]


Single Musical Pieces

For single musical pieces, such as songs, arias etc, use the {{SongHeader}} template, as you would for a "regular" recorded song.

  • As "album1", fill in the title of the respective musical work. (optional)


|song     = Gute Nacht
|artist   = Franz Schubert
|album1   = Franz Schubert:Winterreise (1864)
|language = German
|star     = Green

Musical Works

For whole musical works, such as song cycles, operas etc. use the {{AlbumHeader}} template.

  • Add the parameter |type=work. This will prevent the page from being categorised by year of release, but instead adds it to the Category:Work. The genre parameter is ignored, wtype must be used instead.
  • Also add the parameter |wtype= and fill in the name of the musical form that the work belongs to. If type is set to "work", this replaces the genre parameter and will be displayed as type.
    Note: Please don't use Title Case for wtype, but capitalise it like you would inside a regular sentence: e.g. "song cycle", not "Song Cycle" or "Song cycle".


|artist    = Franz Schubert
|album     = Winterreise
|type      = work
|wtype     = song cycle
|genre     = << is ignored >>
|length    = 55:00 (average)
|cover     = << see below >>
|wikipedia = Winterreise
|star      = Green

Cover Art

Since it is hard to find original covers for sheet music from older works, the album art displays a generic picture if the cover parameter is left empty.

But, of course, if an appropriate cover is available it can be uploaded and displayed by filling in the cover parameter.
Note: Please never use cover art from specific recordings.

Musical Forms

Musical forms of classical music are not genres. To find out which musical form a work belongs to, use Wikipedia or artist-specific catalogues such as Händel-Werke-Verzeichnis Wikipedia16 (HWV), Bach Werke-Verzeichnis Wikipedia16 (BWV), etc.

Here's an incomplete list of some musical forms:

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