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This page is intended to give users the general guidelines of editing as well as tips on how to be an effective LyricWiki editor. For more specific guidelines and tips that are specific to a particular type of page (Artist, Album, or Song), please see the corresponding Editing page for that type.

Why Should You Edit?

LyricWiki is a community project, which means that it can improve only with the input and participation of its users. Many of the pages on LyricWiki were originally created not by human hands, but by a computer bot (ÜberBot), and therefore need checking and editing by the human visitors to the site. Page formats from those early days of the site were also different than they are today (and, indeed, are evolving still), so editing to update these pages and make them more consistent with the rest of the site is also necessary. The site cannot be truly successful and authoritative without a diverse body of editors, and everyone with a willingness to help is invited to participate.

How To Begin

  1. Read through the FAQ page, the various Help pages, and become familiar with the nuts and bolts of creating and editing a page.
  2. Explore the site.
  3. Look at the pages for your favorite Artists, Albums, and Songs. You will likely find some pages appear well-edited, while others may have typographical errors, mis-heard lyrics, unlisted albums, or some other problem that needs correcting.
  4. Examine the well-edited pages closely.
  5. Use the "Edit" tab at the top of the page to open up the edit box to see how those well-edited pages have been constructed.
  6. Test some of this new-found knowledge in the Sandbox. Try things out until you feel confident in your new abilities and are ready to go back to some of those pages with errors and...
  7. Edit something! Nothing beats learning through hands-on experience.

Use References

When editing an artist's name, album title, song title, or song lyrics it is best to use a reference (or two) to double-check the spelling, wording, and format of that entry. Referring to the actual album itself and its liner notes is likely the most authoritative source, although typos and errors do exist. Sometimes the lyrics that are sung differ from those listed in the album, as well. Other sources, such as Wikipedia articles, listings from an artist's web site, and listings, can also be helpful in determining what items need correction and what items do not.

Guidelines for Editing Pages

  • It is strongly suggested that you use the Preview button to double-check that the page appears correctly after edits have been made and before the page is saved using the Publish button.
  • The checkbox next to the edit box that says Minor edit should be used when changing capitalization, simple misspellings, etc. Do not check the box if you make significant changes to the content in the article or correct the lyrics by changing even one word. This checkbox is not available to anonymous users.
  • It is good Wiki etiquette to give a brief description of the changes that have been made. This is done inside of the Edit summary box. Note: When creating a new page or redirecting an existing one, the summary should be left blank, as it will be automatically filled with the appropriate information.
  • If you have found a page that meets the criteria for deletion, type {{deletion|Reason for deleting page here}} at the top of the page, and an Admin will review it shortly. If the pagename is only slightly incorrect, you should change the page into a redirect instead. Only Admins are able to delete pages.
  • If you notice that a page needs a lot of work and you don't have the time to do it right then, put {{edit|Reason the page needs to be edited}} at the top of the page, so anyone can find this page on Category:Requests For Edits and it may get some attention.

Edit Box Formatting Buttons

Above the edit box you can find a series of buttons. These are shortcuts for you to use when editing a page.

Button bold This button is a shortcut to making portions of text bold. To use, highlight the text you wish to make bold and then click on the button.
Button italic This button is a shortcut to making portions of text italicized. To use, highlight the text you wish to make into italics and then click on the button.
Button link This button is a shortcut to making portions of text into a link to another LyricWiki page. Highlight the text you wish to have as a link and then click the button.
Button extlink This button is a shortcut to making a link to a web page outside of LyricWiki. Press the button and [ link title] will be inserted. Either type in the information or cut and paste from your web browser's address bar.
[ Wikipedia] creates: Wikipedia
[]<code> creates: [1]
Button headline This button is a shortcut to making portions of text into a headline. Highlight the text that is to be made into a headline and click the button. If the text wasn't at the beginning of a new line, the button will automatically cause the text to drop to the next line. (Headlines must always begin on a new line.)
Button image This button creates an image link. Press the button and <code>[[File:Example.jpg]] will be inserted. The name of the image can then be inserted. If the image has not yet been uploaded, you may enter the name you wish the image to have, press the Show preview button below the edit box, and a red-colored text link should appear. Either save the page and then press this link, or open the link into a new window to continue. From there, you may upload the image to LyricWiki for display.
Button media This button creates a media link. Press the button and [[Media:Example.ogg]] will be inserted. The name of the media file can then be inserted. If the file has not yet been uploaded, follow the same instructions as for image files, above.
Button math This button is used to create mathematical formulas. This button is not likely to be used at LyricWiki. If necessary, see the Wikipedia help page for more information.
Button nowiki This button is used to force a portion of text to no longer follow wiki markup rules. There may be an instance where something that you wish to display is the same as an editing marker (such as # at the beginning of a line). Highlight the text that you wish to have escape wiki markup and click the button.
Button sig This button is used as a shortcut to creating your signature, showing your user name (or IP address) and the date and time of your edit. This is for use on talk and discussion pages, and is not for Artist, Album, or Song pages. To add your signature, click on this button, and the following will be inserted: --~~~~ When the page is saved, this code will automatically be replaced by your signature.
Button hr This button is used as a shortcut to creating a horizontal rule. To add a horizontal rule, click on the button, and the following will automatically be inserted on a new line: ----.

What's Next?

As mentioned in the How To Begin section, read through the FAQ page, and the various Help pages. The following pages will help give you more specific information on how to create and edit the Artist, Album, and Song pages:

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