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Compilation by various artists.
Disc 1
  1. Puffin' Billy by Melodi Light Orchestra
  2. Nellie the Elephant by Mandy Miller
  3. I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly by Burl Ives
  4. (How Much Is) That Doggy in the Window by Lita Roza
  5. The Runaway Train by Vernon Dalhart
  6. Swedish Rhapsody by The Mantovani Orchestra
  7. Gilly Gilly Ossenfeffer Katzellen Bogen by the Sea by Max Bygraves
  8. Home on the Range by Gene Autry
  9. All Things Bright & Beautiful by Uncle Mac, Barbara Mullen, Denis Wright, Greenbank Children's Choir, Frank A. Taylor & Eric Davis
  10. Little Red Monkey by Joy Nichols, Jimmy Edwards & Dick Bentley
  11. Where Will the Dimple Be? by Alma Cogan
  12. The King's New Clothes by Danny Kaye
  13. You're a Pink Toothbrush by Max Bygraves
  14. Black Hills of Dakota by Doris Day
  15. Bluebelll Polka by Jimmy Shand And His Band
  16. The Three Billy Goats Gruff by Frank Luther
  17. The Ballad of Davy Crockett by Bill Hayes
  18. Mister Cuckoo (Sing Your Song) by Edmundo Ros
  19. Me and My Teddy Bear by Rosemary Clooney
  20. Little White Duck by Danny Kaye
  21. Buckingham Palace by Ann Stephens
  22. Typewriter Song by Leroy Anderson
  23. I Taut I Taw a Puddy Tat by Mel Blanc
Disc 2
  1. When Father Papered the Parlour by Billy Williams
  2. The Happy Wanderer by The Obernkirchen Children's Choir
  3. The Ugly Duckling by Danny Kaye
  4. The Laughing Policeman by Charles Penrose
  5. Dance Duet (From Hansel & Gretel) by Manchester Children's Choir
  6. Little Boy Fishing by Shirley Abicair
  7. In the Middle of the House by Alma Cogan
  8. The Owl and the Pussycat by Elton Hayes
  9. Robin Hood by Dick James
  10. Pickin' a Chicken by Eve Boswell
  11. The Grasshopper's Dance by Jack Hylton
  12. The Deadwood Stage by Doris Day
  13. Tubby the Tuba by Danny Kaye
  14. Grandfather's Clock by The Radio Revellers
  15. Big Rock Candy Mountain by Burl Ives
  16. Twenty Tiny Fingers by Alma Cogan
  17. The Teddy Bears' Picnic by Henry Hall
  18. Little Shoemaker by The Michael Twins with Frank Weir & His Band
  19. Bimbo by Suzi Miller
  20. Woody Woodpecker by Mel Blanc
  21. Kitty in a Basket by Diana Dekker
  22. Coronation Scott by Sidney Torch & His Orchestra
  23. There's a Friend for Little Children by Uncle Mac, Barbara Mullen, Denis Wright, Greenbank Children's Choir, Frank A. Taylor & Eric Davis

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